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The helmet shell provides resistance to high impacts. It is made from Shock Resistant Thermoplastic, known as PC/ABS and is formed by the high-pressure injection of the molten plastic material into a specially engineered mold to produce the strongest possible outer shell.


Carefully designed and positioned inlet vents at the front, top and sides of your helmet let in high volumes of air. Two exhaust vents, placed at high and low points at the rear of the helmet keep the air moving quickly over your head to keep you cool and fresh, even at low speeds.




The visor is made from polycarbonate to provide crystal golem clear vision and high durability.



The double D-ring helmet retention system is favoured by pro-riders the world over for its secure and precise fitting. To fasten, 1) pass the strap through both D-rings; 2) Insert the strap through the D-ring hole, with the red button facing upward; 3) pull the strap to fasten tightly; 4) pull back the strap and press the red button into place.


The stepping lock adjustment retention system To fasten the stepping lock adjustment system:
1) adjust the strap to approximately the right fit by lengthening or shortening the portion of the strap that passes through the metal ring, so that it fits snugly when fastened; 2) to fasten the helmet, insert the serrated tab into the metal buckle and push it in as far as possible; When the strap presses against the jaw, the micrometric adjustment system enables further, more precise calibration of comfort and fit. It is best to insert the serrated tab into the buckle as far as possible.

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